Night Ranger, Styx, Foreigner and Cheap Trick

I don’t think I am too old, but maybe the following will officially antiquate me; the classic rock bands made the best music and these young kids today don’t know what they are missing!

Last summer, I entered a contest on 93.1 WXRT (a great rock/blues Chicago radio station that plays other-than top 40), sponsored by Jeremiah Weed alcoholic iced tea (really good product!), just for the heck of it.

Being 37 years old, I am very familiar with songs by Styx, Foreigner, and Cheap Trick. Most of you kids have probably heard their songs about a thousand times each, not knowing who the artist was. They are classics. So i figured “why not, its free, and my wife and I will probably have a good time.”

These were three seperate concerts, each seperated by about three weeks. Night Ranger, a one-and-three-quarters-hit wonder from the 80’s, opened for Styx and we were pleasantly surprised.

It was fun stepping into the “way-back machine” and listening to When You Close Your Eyes, Don’t Tell Me You Love Me, and, of course, Sister Christian.

If you are around my age and go to one of these shows, you soon realize how big these songs were, as I knew EVERY word to these songs. They have embedded themselves into our culture, and it makes you realize that maybe it isn’t so uncool to see these old rockers perform, as creating songs that stay tightly stitched into our memories is no easy task!

I will soon post my review of Styx, who, besides not playing Mr. Roboto, were awesome!


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